Why isn't /tas/core/tenants generated when the app is installed?


Hi everyone,

I’m implementing the TAS core requests to receive the calls when the tenant installs our app, but I see that TAS core is never generating the POST requests to the /tas/core/tenants endpoint specifically.

I always receive the requests to tas/core/tenants/{tenantId}/preStarts and /starts endpoints every time the app is installed. I’ve implemented these two endpoints and they always return 200 OK, expecting to receive a request to the /tas/core/tenants endpoint after any one of these two (preStart and/or Start).

Right now my test app is in private mode, and I’m installing the app using the app’s token. Does that make any difference?

Curiously, everything works smoothly every time the tenant removes the app: I get the requests to /preHalts and /Halts, following a DELETE request to the endpoint to delete the tenant for the app.

Any help/clarification would be appreciated.

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Just for the records… It think I’ve found the reason for this behavior…

Looks like the problem described above seems to be related to the fact the app I’ve configured didn’t have any “produced API” endpoint configured.

I read the documentation again and I realized that the /appStatus is a crucial endpoint to be provided by the app for TAS core. I’ve added the /appStatus endpoint to my app and I’m now able to get requests to the /tas/core/tenants endpoint.

In other words, it seems to me that TAS core makes a call to /appStatus before the one to /tas/core/tenants to add a new tenant and, if the /appStatus call doesn’t return a 200 OK (or simply the endpoint hasn’t been implemented yet) the call to /tas/core/tenants doesn’t happen.



Hi Wilson,

I’m glad to hear that you were able to get this working, while investigating this we saw that the POST /tas/core/tenants request was being made but something on your end was rejecting or dropping the request as the connection was refused. The POST /tas/core/tenants should work even if you don’t produce or consume any API’s in your app.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,