TAS Storefront Branding / Specifications


The following information is designed to help with the marketing of your app, and to ensure that you have met the minimum requirements for public listing in Talent App Store. Please ensure you have read the document and satisfied all criteria before contacting us with your request for sign off and listing.

You can edit these details from the Appearance page under your App Settings in the Talent App Store developer site at https://developer.talentappstore.com.

When creating a developer account: Please ensure you use your organisation name for the Developer Account Name, e.g. Aotal. This name will be visible in the store as the app author and will be displayed as ‘Coming Soon’ while the app is being built and tested.

When creating an app:

Name: Please pick a suitable name for your app. This will appear in the public storefront, and should either be distinctive to your organisation or related to your app.

Description: Please provide a detailed description for your app. The current limit for description is set to 4000 characters and you can use Markdown to format your text. When writing your description try to answer some of the following questions:

-What does your app do?
-What problem do you solve?
-Why should someone use your app?
-What does your organisation do?
-Who to contact for support enquiries.

Logo: Square, at least 250px x 250px, .png format, less than 1 MB in size.

Hero Image: .png or .jpg format, less than 2 MB in size.

Screenshots (Recommended): You may add screenshots to your page to show how your app works or other useful information. We recommend including at least one screenshot to illustrate how your app works.

Video Embed URL (Recommended): You may add a link to a video that provides additional information about your organisation or app. These can either beinformative or promotional but should communicate the features of your app.

Website URL: The link to your website, so users can discover more information about your organisation.

Documentation URL: A guide to help users set up or use your app. This should not be specific to any one ATS.

Category: The category field will determine where your app will be displayed in the Talent App Store storefront e.g. Applicant Tracking, Assessment, Evaluation. Multiple categories for apps may be selected.

Status: When you create an app for the first time, please ensure you have its visibility marked as Private.
If you have any questions about the requirements , please contact us at support@aotal.com.