SSO and Apply Gates and Results



I have an apply gate app protected by SSO with “candidate” as the principle type. This works well when the candidate presses the button and I want them to be identified.

I have a couple of problems:

  1. In previous app we have used this to protect access to the settings screen (because they were configured with “user” principle type). Is there a way I can protect the settings screen with a “user” type of SSO?
  2. Am planning to provide an Assessment support in the same app, so that users will be able to access candidate results. I guess I have a similar problem to (1) above. How can results be protected using “user” SSO?




Right now an app can have a principal type of either user or candidate - but not both.

Allowing apps to have multiple principle types is high on our list, but its not possible just yet.

The current solution is to have two apps - a user facing one and a candidate facing one - with a shared database, keyed by tenant name as usual.

We (Aotal) do this ourselves for our own apps.

Its a little hassle for the customer to install both apps, but it works OK in practice. Each app can warn the user (i.e. by turning on the setup required indicator) if its partner app is not installed ( as well as any other setup required).