New API to notify changes to your assessment types


From time to time, your assessment app may need to signal to the assessment hub that it has new assessment types. Some common cases are:

  • The customer has installed your app. Now you in turn have completed your onboarding process, so its time to make their assessment types available.
  • After discussions with the customer, you’ve been working on a new assessment type for them. You’ve finished it, and now need to signal that it’s now available.

In both of these cases, other apps have no way to know abut your changes unless you tell them. We’ve added a new, easier to use API - you can now consume POST /assessmentTypes/forApp/deltaPings/1.

This API is produced by the assessment hub. The assessment hub will in turn consume GET /assessmentTypes/forApp on your app, to load your newly updated set of assessment types - and the customer will now see and can start using your new asssessment type.

If you fail to call the API, customers may experience frustration and confusion. Rebooting the tenant normally solves the problem but its better to use the API to explicitly signal changes to your assessment types.

For more, see here: