Markdown support now available for assessment results


It’s now easier to show messages and link to documents from your assessments, with the new markdown support in assessment hub.

Up until now, as an assessment developer, the only thing you could render to the user in the assessment popup was your small iframed page (userInternationUri).

This was annoying for some developers who returned their assessment results as a pdf. They had to create a web page with just a link in it to the results. Other developers had security restrictions preventing them from ever exposing any web page in an iframe. And some developers felt it should not be necessary to create a web page just to display an error message.

To help with these cases we’ve added a new field, userInteractionMessage. When you call POST /assessments/byID/{}/appDetails to update your assessment, you can pass across a markdown document. That document will be rendered to the user on the assessment popup, so you may not need a web page.

For example you could send:

Here's how Jim scored on the InSight quiz

- **Agility**: 9 / 10
- **Stamina**: 3 / 10
- **Culture fit**: 10 / 10

See the [full report](

and it would render like this on the assessment popup:


Here’s how Jim scored on the InSight quiz

  • Agility: 9 / 10
  • Stamina: 3 / 10
  • Culture fit: 10 / 10

See the full report

Note: When you pass across markdown in your API calls, use “\n” to demarcate individual lines.