Learn to Build An App with Talent App Store Webinar


Calling all developers! Interested in building a connector app for your solution into the Talent App Store marketplace? Or maybe you’re already underway and want to accelerate the development of your app.

On Monday the 7th May at 12pm (UTC+12:00) we’re hosting our Talent App Store webinar aimed at providing information around the foundations of building an app. Learn the fundamentals of Talent App Store, exploring APIs, and getting your app live.

We’ll also be covering topics including:

  • Building an app 101

  • Defining your app

  • Spin up a server (on your laptop)

  • Connecting your server to the internet (ngrok)

  • Pointing your app at your server

  • Produce a core API

  • Produce a tenant API

  • Control the setup page

To register for the webinar, click here.