How to display assessment results


What kind of results can one post back? Can we post back assessment score and the rank of the candidate that we may have calculated depending on how candidate completed the assessment?

Assigning more than one assessment

Yes, you can post back any results you like. There are three ways you can display your results (all from your call to PATCH /assessments/byID/{}/appDetails)

Assessment image

(the most visible to the recruiter, but also the most space challenged)

This is a 52 x 32 px image that is displayed inline on the applicant’s row in the applicant tracking system, so its always visible to the recruiter. For example:

  • A video interviewing app could render a video thumbnail
  • A psych assessment could render text with a percentage score, over a solid background in their corporate theme

More information here

There’s an open source project here if you’d like some help generating images. Of course you don’t have to generate a fancy image (maybe it doesn’t make sense for your assessment) - in this case you can just use your own logo, or any static image you like.

The assessment hub will also surround the image with a colored border indicating the assessment’s status (In progress, Error, Pass, Fail, etc.)

Assessment popup

You can also display a result web page in the assessment popup, which pops up when the recruiter clicks on the assessment image.

This is described here

For example, if your assessment is a video interview, this might be the video player.

The popup is a single click away as car as the user is concerned, making it more effort for them to compare results for a number of applicants, but you have much more real estate to work with, and the popup appears to the user over the top of the ATS screens, so they don’t lose their navigation or scroll position.

You can use javascript to control the size of the popup, so you can display fairly large pages here, even to the full screen size.

Your own pages

Finally, from inside the assessment popup, you can of course link out to your own web pages to display full results, e.g. a pdf document.