Feedback sought - displaying assessments to end users


Thank you for your patience as we close in on completing the engagement hub, which is the app that supports engagement apps (NB; now renamed “assessment apps”].

We’re currently completing the UI design for how engagements are presented to the recruiter/manager, i.e. the way in which, when looking at a list of applicants, they can:

  • kick off your engagement
  • see its progress (not started, underway, complete)
  • see its results if complete (pass/fail/not binary)
  • see more details (e.g. documents, links, other results)

As always with recruitment, we’re faced with the problem of packing a heap of information into an already crowded screen.

We want you to be able to allow you to show as much information as you can in a small piece of screen real estate, and hopefully also put your brand across as much as possible.

Here’s our current plan for this. We’d really appreciate your input, either here on the forum or contact us directly if you’d prefer.


The user (a recruiter or manager who is processing the applicants for a job) sees the list of applicants for the job, with each applicant having a potentially different set of engagements

User view

We want to allow each engagement app convey as much information as possible without the need for the user to click or drill in, within the constraints that we have limited screen real estate.

We do this by carving out a fixed size rectangle for every engagement (on every applicant) that is filled within an image provided by the engagement app (your app).

The image your app provides can be in any format, e.g. .png, .gif, .svg.

We recommend that images are supplied at 3x resolution (for high density displays), which means they should be sized at 210x96 in order to fit the 70x32 rectangle.

Images should be as small as possible, but not larger than 16kb.

Your image can convey any information you want, e.g. icon or logo, spark line, percentage achievement, temperature gauge, tiny thumbnail image from captured a video clip, set of checkboxes to indicate sub-progress within a multi-stage engagement (e.g. a probity check consisting of several different checks).

If you don’t have/want any image rendering code, we also provide a helper API that you can use to generate certain standard images, specifically an integer percentile value with a given background and text color

The engagement hub will overlay additional imagery around/ over the top of your image:

  • if the engagement is underway, a thin dotted border is drawn
  • if the engagement is complete, a solid border is drawn and the results bar appears beneath
  • the results bar shows red if the applicant failed your engagement, green if they passed or grey if your engagement is subjective/informational rather than binary pass/fail
  • a notifications icon is shown if:
    • your app has placed the engagement in the “user input required” state
    • the user has placed the engagement on hold