Details in the application "view"


Hi all,

We are about to develop a new type of Assessment App for Assessment Centres.

The “Assessment” will be initiated after the Candidate has booked themselves into an Assessment Centre (I presume this is some kind of appointment booking thingy in Snaphire).

In order to set the candidate up correctly in our system, we need the date and location of the Assessment Centre. I have previously checked that the information is available. I assume this will be in the response to

I have two questions:

  1. What will this data look like? How will we be able to extract the date and the location of the appointment?
  2. Are we able to test this out using TinyATs and the Assessment Hub somehow?




Hi Mike,

Someone should be able to get back to you early next week to help you get this sorted. What you’ve outlined here is pretty much correct. You won’t be able to test from TinyATS as we’ve replaced it with Developer ATS which allows more flexibility.