Deprecation of assessment hub email functionality


We will shortly be removing the functionality that allows the assessment hub to send emails to candidates on behalf of the assessment hub - e.g. to complete a quiz.

Note: If your assessment hub does not use the hub to send email, then you don’t need to make any immediate changes (eventually you should remove the appCommunicatesDirectlyToCandidate property from your assessment types).

This feature was not widely used, and also feedback from customers was that the simple, unbranded emails that the hub sent out were not appealing, and that they required a more branded experience.

We’ve updated the documentation on building an assessment app to remove mention of this functionality, but if you have an assessment app that used the hub to send its emails, please start sending your own emails from now on.

FYI here is the old (now removed) property from assessmentType.json that you could use previously to enable email sending by the hub:

    "appCommunicatesDirectlyToCandidate": {
      "type": "boolean",
      "description": "True if the app communicates directly with the candidate when an assessment is started. In this case the hub will not send the candidate an email message."