Customer Install Journey


The ideal solution for handling installs would be to have a login/register form show up when a customer installs your app from Talent App Store.

The customer journey would entail installing the app, and seeing a setup required button show up on the app.

When the customer clicks this setup required icon you should be redirecting them to a page hosted on your site, which handles the following scenarios;

  • a new customer to you then have them fill out a registration form, which captures the customers contact details, which your team can use to make sure onboarding of a client is easy and timely.

  • an existing customer of yours and wants to use the integration with their ATS, then they should be able to login to have the connection made between Talent App Store and your platform.

In both scenarios an email to will be required with the following info:
Subject line: App install - App Name - Tenant Name
Body text to include: App Name, Talent App Store tenant name, Talent App Store tenant shortcode, Installed by user details (email at minimum) / contact details and Install Date

The benefit to you when your app is published in one of our marketplaces is the Customer Success team will proactively follow up with the customer to assist with any configuration changes that might be needed to make the integration work.

Contact Lisa or Kunaal to discuss this further and get this implemented and tested in your app