Can't get the assessment image on the ATS page to update


I’m trying unsuccessfully to get our assessment’s image on the strip to update correctly.

  1. In Developer ATS, I install my assessment app and start an assessment.
  2. I click to open the assessment popup. My web page is iframed within it.
  3. I click a button in my page which fires PATCH /assessments/byID/{id}/appDetails, and updates the assessment image.
  4. I then close the assessment popup.

At this point I hope to see the new, updated image in the ATS page.

But I don’t, I just see the old image. It corrects itself when I refresh the ATS page, but the user has to know to do that.

Is there any way I can PATCH a new image onto the assessment from my code, and have that reflected in the assessment strip without the need for the user to refresh the ATS page?


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the detailed message of the issue you’re having. This is a result of intentional design decisions that were made when the assessment hub was developed and displayed by our Developer ATS. We will shortly be reviewing a number of items related to the assessment hub and Developer ATS. We can incorporate this into our thinking. We agree it would be ideal for your app to just update the image in the assessment strip rather than requiring a page refresh. Stay tuned and we will update you via this forum.


Thanks Kunaal. Do you know if the image will update automatically (without a page refresh) when installed in a SnapHire tenant?


Hi Andrew, currently in SnapHire it doesn’t automatically update the image it will need to be refreshed. As mentioned in my earlier comment this is something we’re looking into so that the end user experience is much smoother.