Assigning more than one assessment


I have a question in regards to assigning assessments to the applicants. The example has a Customer Service quiz assigned to the applicant. What happens when there is more than one quiz to be completed? Can some assign more than one simultaneously or sequentially?

Also, are the assessments first assigned to the role advertised which then become available to be assigned to the applicants for the role?


Yep, its pretty normal in the recruitment process to use multiple assessments for a job applicant.

e.g. the customer might use a simple “do you have the right to work in this country” at the early (screening) stages, and later on a psych test for candidates who get through to the short listed stage.

Its also very feasible to fire off two or more assessments in parallel.

Fortunately, if you are developing an assessment app, you don’t need to worry about any of this. A different microservice (app) - e.g. the assessment hub - handles all of this for you.

The assessment hub provides a UI where customers can:

  • map assessment types to recruitment workflows and/or specific stages (buckets) within them. e.g. the customer might say that an expensive psych test is only available to candidates who have reached long list on sales jobs
  • restrict by candidate type e.g. the customer might say that probity tests can only be performed on external candidates (not current employees)
  • auto-start assessments - e.g. the customer might say that every candidate who applies, or reaches the short list bucket, automatically gets invited to complete a video interview

Since the hub handles all of this, an individual assessment app does not need to be aware of it.

All the app needs to do is:

  • advertise what assessment types it provides (by responding to the incoming GET /assessmentTypes/forApp API call)
  • start assessments on request (by listening to incoming POST /assessments/byID/{}/tenantDeltaPings)
  • post results back (by calling PATCH /assessments/byID/{}/appDetails)

There is some more detailed information available at If you like thinking about things in API terms the flow is shown here:


Its worth noting that you don’t need to do any of this fancy mapping when you develop your assessment app using Tiny ATS (as per

That’s because the assessment hub realises that Tiny ATS does not have multiple recruitment workflows or even buckets, and so it defaults to a behaviour of always showing all installed assessment types.

However when your assessment app is installed in a more fully featured ATS, some setup work in the hub is required to get it to appear.


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