Apply gate candidate flow issues


Hi there,

i’m having some trouble with my apply gate candidate flow.

Pressing my “Apply” button when the candidate is not logged in logs the candidate in and successfully takes them through the assessment.

I have two problems:

  1. Once the assessment is completed and the candidate is returned to the Developer Careers app, the candidate does not appear to be logged in, and my “Apply” button is still shown:

  1. If I then go and log in, my button is no longer shown (which is expected). When you press the APPLY button to launch into “Simple Apply” I get an error message:

Please help!



Hey Mike, there are a couple of things going on here.

First up, as you have found, you are being redirected back to the career site, but the career site doesn’t realise you are already signed in. So you finish up back at the careers site, not signed in, and your button is shown again, as it would be to any anonymous unsigned-in visitor to the career site.

The solution to that is to attach a parameter isSignedIn=candidate when you redirect the candidate back. This is described here.

This acts as a hint, telling the career site to ask you to sign in. This happens instantly, so that your button will then behave correctly (i.e. be hidden).

The second problem is that error code that you are seeing from Simpleapply. That is likely caused by a bug at our end, which I will raise a ticket for. To get past this, use Developer Apply instead of Simpleapply, this will work correctly. There is an install token for Developer Apply also here.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks - I will try Developer Apply.

I had actually appended isSignedIn=candidate to the relayPage URL (see nav bar in screen shot).

Just rechecked it was spelled correctly.