Apply gate button



My apply gate button is not preventing the Apply button from appearing in “Developer Careers”.

I am returning this from tas/actions/byCandidate/job/possibles/byApp


Both “Simply Apply” and my button are appearing in Careers site. I would have expected “Simple Apply” to be hidden?



Mike, check that your response to GET /actions/byCandidate/anonymous/jobs/{job}/byName/{action}/byApp is not including the gateState field.

Per the doc, that field should only be included if you have a result.

  "gateState": {
      "type": "boolean",
      "description": "for actions that are apply gates, true if the gate has been passed for this specific candidate + job, false if it was failed - this field should only be present when there is a result"


Came back today, and my button had disappeared altogether.

Rebooted a few times - it came back. Functioning correctly now.

I have a suspicion if I debug things on my side, and it is too slow to respond, then somehow things fail silently and fail to initialise properly.

Access to some kind of log which shows interactions between bits whilst developing would be really useful.


Nice, rebooting the tenant tells all installed apps that an outage has happened (e.g. maybe another app was installed). Apps like switchgear will then resynch from your app, so maybe that cleared some bad condition. Let us know if it happens again.

And yes, we are planning a system for giving you visibility into logs files at the other end for debugging!