Apply gate apps - candidates are sometimes customers too


Apply gate apps can be used to prevent candidates from applying to selected job(s) unless they have passed some kind of pre-requisite.


  • Ask candidates to complete a culture/fit analysis before applying
  • Ask candidates to agree to a set of non-negotiables before applying
  • Only allow candidates to apply who are not from countries with draconian data security laws

Apply gates can be seen as a positive both to the employer and the candidate. For large employers, many candidates are also their customers, and there’s no need to put a candidate through the process of applying for a job and then being rejected if the candidate is lacking some basic pre-requisite.

An apply gate app works by suppressing the apply button(s) on a job. Once some condition to do with the candidate has been met (e.g. the candidate has passed some kind of quiz), the apply gate can mark the candidate as having satisfied the gate. Afterwards, the candidate returns to the job and now sees the apply button(s) and can apply.

Here are some useful resources:


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