App generate 500 Internal server error


Hello ,

I installed my APP. but now it’s giving me 500 error. Where can I check why this is giving me 500? Thanks

Here’s the Token to install the app, in case you want to try and check the error.



Hi Girish, not sure what’s going on here, I have assigned this to the dev. team to investigate.


Hey Girish. Your app is returning a bad response to the incoming call to GET /appStatus. That was triggering a bug which caused the storefront app to show the 500 error page. We’ve just fixed that, so now, you’ll be able to see your app again.

You’ll still need to fix your response to GET /appStatus before it works properly though. Check the data you are returning and make sure it looks like the documentation. Apparently the problem is that your response is not valid (parseable) json.