API versioning makes its appearance in TAS


We’ve been versioning our APIs internally for some time.

Now, as the next stage of bringing API versioning to app developers, we’re making that version information public in Aotal’s API documentation.

At the top left of most pages, you click to select a specific version.

You’ll then be viewing the documentation and the APIs as at that version.

You can also now access detailed notes on what has changed from version to version, and what the downstream impact is (click “change log” under the version number).

Some facts about versioning:

  • we version all APIs belonging to a single developer together (rather than versioning individually at the API level)
  • versions are made up of a major and minor number, e.g. 2.02
  • “latest” is a special version that changes continuously. Once changes have stabilised, a new minor version is created
  • every version has a corresponding branch in github - for example 2.01
  • runtime support for API versioning in TAS, and the ability to declare the version your app supports, is coming