Agile ATS is now Developer ATS, new functionality added


For consistency, we’ve recently rebranded the Agile ATS sandbox app that you can use to build and test your app. The change was transparent to you, and you’ll see the new app names when you look in your previously installed tenant.

The new apps are:

  • Developer ATS
  • Developer Careers
  • Developer Alerts
  • Developer Apply

We’ve also added new functionality to Developer ATS:

  • Job delta ping api - The ATS now sends out delta pings when a job is created or updated (POST /jobs/open/externally/byID/{id}/deltaPings)
  • Careers site job links api - The careers site has a new API to get job links. This supercedes the old API which would only return one job link at a time (GET /careerSites/forApp/byID/{site}/jobLinks)
  • Filter parameters on jobs APIs - The ATS now supports filter parameters on the GET jobs APIs (GET /jobs and GET /jobs/open/externally).