Agile ATS - a new sandbox for developing apps in Talent App Store


We’re pleased to announce a new sandbox environment for building apps in Talent App Store - Agile ATS (and its friends, Agile career site and Agile apply).

To get started, just create a new tenant and install the Agile stack as described here:

Agile ATS is a minimal but fully functional ATS, so you can:

  • create users (managers and recruiters)
  • create jobs
  • post them to the career site
  • accept incoming job applications - currently via Agile apply, but soon with other apply apps
  • move applications through the buckets of your recruitment workflow
  • setup your sites workflows, buckets, phases, views and the mappings between them
  • try out the new “push APIs” (e.g to drive onboarding, payroll and surveying apps)
  • and a whole lot more

We think you’ll find this a much better way to build apps. It replaces Tiny ATS, and qs8n and x2lb. These older apps only let you see part of the picture - so you could develop an assessment app, or a button app, but not an app that had both buttons and assessments.

The older apps also didn’t provide enough functionality to fully drive apps like the assessment hub. Now with Agile ATS you can fully configure assessment hub to autostart asessments upon applicants dropping into a bucket, and you can set up complex views to see just the data you need about each applicant.

Our documentation has a little catching up to do, but we wanted to get Agile ATS into your hands as soon as possible so please bear with us for a few days while we work that out.

We’re planning to retire the old apps - Tiny ATS, x2lb and qs8n - shortly. We’ll let you know well in advance so that you can switch across to Agile ATS.

Good luck building apps, and as always we’d love your feedback!



I am trying to login here but it’s giving me 500 error.

Anything I am missing. I followed the steps.



Girish, check you have:

  • switchgear installed
  • assessment hub installed
  • don’t enter in super long values in forms (currently there is not much validation)

If the problem persists, let us know, with the exact time you saw the 500 error so we can check logs


Hi @abraae

switchgear installed
==> Installed
assessment hub installed
==> Installed
don’t enter in super long values in forms (currently there is not much validation)
==> Not getting to forms just getting error when trying to install Agile ATS

Error occurred to me around the same time I posted reply above



Thanks Girish, please also try installing the entire stack in a new tenant (just to eliminate some transient error - this is all quite new and is being upgraded fairly often) . Also ensure you’re using e.g. Google authentication, not email.